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Welcome to SHEconomy !

What is SHEconomy

SHEconomy is the World’s First E-Commerce Platform for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Worldwide for Goods &Services.

SHEconomy is a women-only e-commerce platform, for everyone, showcasing and selling good sand services by women entrepreneurs, owners and partners across a variety of verticals, sectors and categories, and from all over the world - By Women, for All.

SHEconomy is a B2B2C platform: with both commerce and connections, it not only enables women entrepreneurs to connect with customers and clients globally, as B2C; but also helps them connect to other women owned businesses and services as potential partners and collaborators, as B2B.

SHEconomy is driven by the Vision of“Every woman a Businesswoman,” with a Mission to empower and enable women entrepreneurs to “Sell, Scale, Succeed, Sustain, Serve.”

SHEconomy is brought to you by: ALL Ladies League (ALL) and Women Economic Forum (WEF): translating a Powerful Global Network into a Powerful Global Marketplace.

You will thus also find here a supportive ecosystem that empowers our sellers and entrepreneurs further with friendly community support offering peer exchange, networking, mentoring, learning and continuing education to ensure innovation, growth and well-being of the business and the women business owners.By empowering listed women sellers to succeed and support, we also enable them to inspire other women to believe in their capacity for creation and value creation; and integrate them on the path of financial independence and entrepreneurship.

Ware a Purposeful Platform with a positive commitment to People and Planet, an dare looking for Sellers who will help us make business a force of good.
You will find here an eclectic and empowering ecosystem of Commerce, Community, Connections, Collaborations, and Consciousness to create a better world for all, through parity and gender balance in trade and rights. We are dedicated to offering a platform for equal opportunity and righteous prosperity with global wealth creation for all through the agency of women entrepreneurs. When you empower a woman, you empower families, community, cultures and countries.