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Mekhela Chador Saree Drape

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1304, Lodha Supremus, Senepati Bapat Marg, Lower Palel West, Mumbai - 400013.
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let’s talk about the Mekhela Chador , from Assam, also called the Mekhlo Chador.
It is a type of saree consisting of two pieces of cloth draped on the top and bottom, the bottom half of which is called a mekhla and is worn waist downwards, which is tucked into pleats towards the right side of the waist, the chador is tucked in the upper portion at one end, and the other is draped on the upper portion of the body like the palla. The Traditional mekheka does not have any strings to tie around the waist so can wear tights underneath for a better grip….

  • If In a group of 3 would be 750 per drape. Will demonstrate 3 drapes

  • These days fitted blouses are worn, however earlier a fitted piece of cloth called the ‘Riha ‘was worn
  • The management hub of these sarees is Sualkuchi in Assam also called the Manchester of Assam , and it is The Women weavers of Assam who are the real people behind the making the the Mekhla Chadors.
  • There are three types of Mekhla chadors mainly Muga silk, Eri silk and Pat silk, however the muga and the pat variety are more sought after cause of their durability and global appeal and are clearly the more fancied ones worn throughout the year, Eri silk is warmer and very soft… therefore suitable for colder climates..
  • The Mekhla chador I have worn is of a Slate gray and rose red combination with a same shade red blouse
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